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Want to Find Someone New but Struggling to do so?

3 Jan Article Image - Struggling to find someone

The end of any relationship can be sad; and when there are children involved it can be so much more difficult to deal with. Suddenly you are juggling more balls in the air – a new home for yourself, working just as hard but your finances are becoming stretched and having to make time to […]


How To Ensure This Is The Last Christmas You Are Single

4 Dec Article Image - Last Christmas Alone

Are you single and dreading the forthcoming festive season? Well, you are not alone. For many single men, divorced or otherwise, the thought of dealing with family gatherings and those Christmas work parties as a newly single guy is unappealing at best and daunting at worst. Are you dreading the thought of being asked probing […]


How’s Your IQ of Dating?

3 Dating IQ date 18 Dec

In women’s minds, there are two kinds of men: those they want to have a long term relationship with, and those they want to avoid. The difference between the two isn’t good looks, money, or even a charming personality. So what is the crucial factor that can make an average man utterly desirable—or detestable? It’s […]


DATE | SPLIT | REPEAT: Why Divorced Men Can’t Stop Dating The Same Type of Women

2 Date Split Repeat date 23 Nov

If you’ve made yourself miserable dating the same types of women throughout your whole life, the problem isn’t them. It’s you. This may be the first time you’ve been told this and it genuinely could be the most important piece of relationship information you’ve ever heard! So please allow me to repeat myself. If you […]


How To Use Your Dating Sat Nav

1 Dating Sav Nav date 19 Oct

If relationships functioned with the precision of clockwork instruments, life would be a whole lot easier, wouldn’t it? We’d always know what to do and say in even the most awkward situations, and we would never get lost on our path toward love. The machinery would move us forward in clean, predictable steps until we […]


The Statistics of Succeeding with Women


In the immortal words from the Hollywood movie, Anchorman, “Sixty percent of the time, it works every time.” While the character Brian Fantana is referring to the alluring qualities of his dubious cologne, he hones in on an interesting point. A sixty percent success rate is clearly not the same thing as one hundred percent, […]


Is Her Ex Still On Her Mind? Here’s How to Tell…


There’s nothing like an ex-husband or boyfriend lurking in the background to potentially cast a shadow of doubt over a promising new relationship. All of us have a few proverbial skeletons in the closet when it comes to love — the people who have loved us, shaped us, influenced us, and yes, sometimes even hurt us […]


When To Be A Dating Rulebreaker

Photo Credit:Flickr/Courtney Carmody

“Dating rules.”   Isn’t it time this phrase signified that dating is brilliantly fun, and not those outdated, stuffy regulations invented by people who dated in a world that no longer resembles ours? Of course, so-called dating rules exist for a reason. As with all things social, there are basic guidelines to follow if you […]


Why Bald Fat Men Get Gorgeous Women


So you may be thinking that you simply didn’t get lucky in the genes department. Maybe you think it’s your face? Even despite your mother certainly loving it. Or is it your hair, or lack of it? Has it seen better days? How about your toned muscles? (What muscles, you may be saying?!) When it […]


Why Do Men Marry The Same Woman They Just Divorced, Without Knowing?


Not many people are aware that the divorce rate for second marriages is 33% higher than the divorce rate for marriages in general. With over one-third of those ending within five years. It’s clear that men do not learn from their marital mistakes the first time around. I strongly believe that a significant contributing factor […]


4 Divorced Men Dating Behaviours That Turn Women Off


So you’re ready to start dating again after divorce and you might be feeling a little rusty. Maybe you’re already back on the dating scene and not being very successful. So have you ever thought about what might turn a woman off from seeing you again?   Here are 4 behaviours to avoid, especially on that all […]


Why What’s Going On In Your Head Might Be Turning Women Away


While women don’t have psychic powers, doesn’t it sometimes seem like they know what’s going on with you before you do? Most of us are used to it by now: We come home after a long, hard day, and before we’ve hung up our coats and hats, the women in our lives ask, “What’s wrong?” […]


The 5 Deadly Mistakes Divorced Men Make When Looking For Mrs. Right


The Office for National Statistics estimates that over 60% of second marriages end in divorce (far higher than the 41 per cent rate for marriages in general), with over a third ending within five years. These are astounding statistics and suggest that lessons are clearly not being learned the first time around. Manj Weerasakera, aka […]


What Body Part Do Women Most Notice In a Man?


There’s no doubt about it: Love might have to do with the heart, but it also has to do with our bodies. However great your personality, bank account, or car, there’s no getting around the fact that your outward appearance has something to do with the women you meet. In fact, women pay as much […]


How to Introduce a Serious Girlfriend to Your Kids


You’ve searched high and low and finally found somebody really special — somebody you might want to make a bigger part of your life one day. However, whether you’ve been divorced a decade or a year, introducing a new love interest to your children is a delicate matter. Many people wonder how long they should wait […]


New Year Resolutions – Should you Bother?


It’s that time of year again when people make their resolutions and set their goals with excitement, such as finding their new Mrs. Right. Sadly, the statistics on goal achievement show that you may as well not bother! So, if you’re one of the many people to have set the same goals as you did last year because you haven’t achieved them, is there much point doing the same things again this time around? Are you really expecting a different outcome by adopting the same approach?

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