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5 Jan Blog Image - First Impression

It only takes a few seconds for someone to create a first impression of you and a lot longer to change that impression once it is formed. So to stack the odds in your favour, here are some tips on what to do in order to make that all important first impression on a first […]

Are You Trustworthy Enough For Your “Mrs. Right”?


You know deep down that you’re a trustworthy guy—even if you’ve forgotten the groceries, showed up late to a rendezvous, or let a secret slip once or twice. Nobody is perfect, after all!  However when you’re starting to date again, you have to be at the top of your game if you want to find […]

Why You Need to Be Happy Before Meeting “The One”


In an ideal marriage, you and your wife would bring your best selves to the relationship every single day. You’d both get to be exactly who you are, and you’d love each other all the more for every little quirk and foible. And hopefully, you’d love and respect yourself as much as your wife loved […]

Does Your Relationship Suffer From ‘Too Much Information?’ Here’s How to Tell

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Some things are better left unsaid. You already know that you don’t need to tell Aunt Gilda what you honestly think of her Christmas fruitcake, or let your boss know exactly what you think of his management style. But when it comes to relationships, isn’t it better to be completely honest? The answer is…. it’s complicated. […]

Are You More Likely to Find Love Online or In-Person?


It seems like every week, scientists are discovering exciting information about the way we date and ultimately, find love. But even with teams of researchers devoted to the subject, the results are often contradictory. One day, it’s better to find love in person, and the next, it’s better to look for “the one” online. What […]

5 Questions You Must Answer Before Getting Remarried


Thinking of popping the question? I hope you’ve really thought it through. Second marriages are a serious matter — a hard truth that the romantic inside us doesn’t want to face. Remarrying is never a do-over of your previous relationship. You won’t have the same challenges or joys as before, and you won’t have the […]

Fix Yourself First to Attract a Better Partner

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When we are looking for love, what we’re really looking for is a person who reflects our best qualities and complements our personality. After all, that is what partnership is all about — the formation of a strong, capable couple that can weather life’s challenges and share life’s joys together. However, when you find yourself in […]

How To Learn From Your Dating Mistakes


Uh-oh. You’ve gone ahead and made a big mistake. And it’s not just any mistake — it’s one you’ve made before. Maybe you forgot to call when you said you would. Or perhaps you asked her to move in way too soon. Whatever it is, it’s bad. In dating, as in life, we can get […]

5 Signs You’re Really Ready to Date Again

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A terrible breakup does for the heart what a bad accident does for the body. We know better than to try to walk with broken legs, but we don’t all know not to date with a broken heart. Getting back into the dating world is a slow process of recovery, and it should be treated […]

Stuck In a Dating Rut? Here’s What To Do


Dating should be fun, but all too often we find ourselves caught in a big, fat rut. The good news is that you can climb out of it as easily as you fell in. And, once you’ve dusted yourself off, you’ll know better than to make the same mistakes next time. If you’re chin-deep in […]